We Help Businesses Create Safer Workplaces

iQ Safety Solutions

iQ Safety Solutions is a client-driven safety consulting company that creates safer workplaces by providing customized and affordable safety solutions. We specialize in creating and implementing safety programs, assisting companies in achieving SAFE Work / COR certification, providing on-site safety support, and assisting with Workplace Safety & Health orders.

Whatever your safety needs may be, iQ Safety Solutions can help!  



Safety Program Development

We work with clients to develop and implement custom health and safety programs that meet applicable SAFE Work Certification standards. 

SAFE Work Certification

Whether you already have a safety program or if you're just starting, we can help you in achieving SAFE Work Certification for your industry, 

On-Site Safety Support

Our safety experts can provide on-site safety support including inspections, incident investigations, safety meetings, and more. 

Workplace Safety & Health Orders

We have assisted clients in taking appropriate actions in response to Workplace Safety & Health Improvement Orders and Stop Work Orders.